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Nick Behrmann
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Before sending a Demo, please read the Demo Policy below
DEMO POLICY to Be Massive Records
We only accept private Soundcloud links shared exclusively with us.
We do not accept less then 2 songs.
We accept only originals, not remixes.
Please do not attach MP3s.
Include links to your Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, Beatport page or website.

Demos which do not respect our policy will be ignored.
Demos or questions regarding demos sent to us will not be answered or replied to via Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter or any other social network.

What happens next?
  • We really listen to every demo we receive, but unfortunately we cannot personally reply to every demo submission.
  • If you do not hear back from us within 2 weeks this means we are not interested in the tracks you sent. However, this does not mean that the tracks you sent are bad. It means that they just do not match the sound we are currently looking for.
  • If we do love the tracks or want to hear some more, then you will receive a personal message via mail.
Thanks for understanding! We are looking forward to listen to your music!
Be Massive Recordings Budapest / Hungary