Metha Metha
Metha PressPack is downloadable in Hungarian and in English.
Mira Joo Mira Joo
Mira Joo started her musical career as a classical pianist,she started to collect her first vinyls and practise in2002. Mira bios is downloadable in English in PDF format.
Avika Avika
The mind behind of Avika (a.k.a. Gabriella Mravik) is an enthusiastic vinyl collector, selector and DJ based in Hungary, Budapest. She started her carrier as a breaks and drum and bass DJ in 2009 under the artistname of DSH. However her work is also unavoidable in Hungary for broken rhythm lovers she was always open for other music genres like techno and house.
Dubecticut Dubecticut
In the field of music, he relies on high quality music only; meaning that 100 percent effort is put into each and every soundtrack they make. His motto is therefore that ‘you ought to do your best at the level where you are and strive to keep developing yourself’. After university, he participated in a sound master training where he could learn all the necessary skills and techniques that would help him create music at a high level in the future.
Robert Makai Robert Makai
I've been caught by music already in elementary school. I really liked showing off to friends, schoolmates. Later on a high school friend had a mixer. I've started to practice with it and it has opened new doors for me. I've played at a lot of house parties, then there was a dj competition (Herz) at the Corvin Club in Budapest. For me it was a great opportunity to show the world my own style. This went surprisingly well, so much so that i was invited to play the Herz party series at the Corvin Club and a number of Be Massive parties after.
Lenny Lenoks Lenny Lenoks
He is playing as a dj since 1999. House, techno, breakbeat, progressive, disco, nu disco, down- and midtempo house - he played a lot of styles during this two decades and hundreds of parties and this rich mixture of musical vibes did not disappear without a trace; during his sets you can discover many moods - this is why his sets will never be one-sided and boring.
Blas Blas
After visiting several club events and attending to many music festivals he started to get more curious to know more about the genre and he started to discover new tracks and new musicians, until 2016 when the idea popped out to not just listen but to compose as well so he could express himself through music. His style is melodic, however the definite and deep beats are closer to him.
technicLEGO technicLEGO
Just like the most Dj's he started to be interested in electronics music in Highschool. In 98’ he bought his first Technics record player. Thats when he been sniffed turning music into a stream.
David Salow David Salow
„Music is my passion and I want to share this with everyone.”
WhoMan WhoMan
WhoMan is an emerging DJ and producer. He started to djing when he was only 12 years old. After one year daily practicing, won his first dj competition. Nowdays, works in the studio, and invest time to make some quality underground music. And tries to raise his knowledge to the highest possible level and aims to enchant people with music that is so close to him.
Smilo Smilo
With the music he plays, try to make his sets as colorful as possible. Mostly the melodic, soft beats are close to him, so his job is to warm up the audience.
The Lucky 23 The Lucky 23
The Lucky 23's first release was the track Up and Down hit Beatport Breaks Top 30 and was almost one month in Top 100. As a first release got amazing support from names like Hedflux, Rektchordz, Metha, Pale Penguin and lot more. New original tracks at were The Wave and Marine 9 in 2012.
Datasoul Datasoul
It's been almost two decades now that I first fell for the electronic music, twisting the turntables ever since I encountered the breakbeat music style, with an ever-growing collection of LPs now way over 300. Organized a few minor parties then under the name Flex Motion, then came the places with larger audiences, like the Corvin Club, Instant, Fogas House, Balaton Sound, Be massive and Hertz events, along which my sets also evolved into a more melodious techno, combining deep bass tones with soft, velvety harmonics.
Dave Wincent Dave Wincent
My artist name is Dave Wincent. I was born in Miskolc, Hungary. I have been dealing with music since the age of 12. First I started to learn solfege and to play the drums and then to play the saxophone. I began taking all this seriously and making it as a dj when I was about 14. So I spent all my money on these things.
Beat Tempest Beat Tempest
Beat Tempest is french Dj/Producer bassed in Nantes, member of LOT49, Be Massive Records and labelmanager of Cclone Records.
Pooja B Pooja B
Pooja started her musical journey in 2009 in Chennai, India, but temporarily gave it up when her passport began to beg for a few immigration stamps and she took up a job travelling the world. After a two-year hiatus she got back behind the decks and has continued her musical prowess.